Tyga Laughs Off $200,000 Lawsuit For Trashing Rental Property

Tyga’s coffers must be overflowing with loot, because he’s joking about a $200,000 lawsuit for ruining a rental property he was staying in.

Rapper Tyga is being sued for destroying a rental property and not paying the monthly fees since staying there this past Spring.

According to a legal filing by the landlord, the “SWISH” rapper owes him $32,000 in rent for occupying his property. Though he moved out in April, he had not paid rent for about a year.

The complaint details that he also owes $27,650 for the kitchen’s white oak flooring, $15,575 damaged marble flooring, and counters, and $103,160.25 damaged walls with murals and wallpaper.

More willful damage was done to the home as it is alleged that Tyga had a basketball hoop installed in the driveway and new locks that seem to have “destroyed” the front door.

Both of which, the California native, did not receive permission to install.

This is not the first time that Tyga was sued for failure to pay rent. In 2018, he was sued for flaking on the rent of another Beverly Hill sport.

The landlord is waiting for a judge to make the rapper to cough up the $200,000 immeed-jedly!

Tyga has responded implying that he doesn’t care. The caption on his Instagram says, “They said I can’t pay my rent……Guess I’ll just sleep outside 🚶🏾‍♂️…🏡”