Tyler Perry Says More Training Is Needed If Hollywood Is Going To Diversify

Tyler Perry

Legendary business mogul. Tyler Perry is impressed with the strides Hollywood is making for diversity, but admits more needs to be done!

Tyler Perry has emphasized the need for training and mentorship while also celebrating the new era of diversity in Hollywood.

The actor/ filmmaker was talking ahead of the premiere of his new movie, “A Jazzman’s Blues,” at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Family drama “A Jazzman’s Blues,” which was also written and produced by Perry, sees the usually comedic star – well known for his slapstick Madea franchise – venture in a new direction. The movie tells the story of forbidden love, family drama, and decades of secrets that begin to unravel.

Talking about the positive way the movie industry is changing in terms of diversity, the 52-year-old also expressed some concerns he has with The Hollywood Reporter.

“I am extremely excited for what has happened,” he beamed. “The diversity, the choices, the opportunities. But I worry because there is such a push for diversity and push for hiring people of color that I have found, in situations, that there are people (who) can be pushed into seats they are not ready for.

“I don’t want to have us as Black people in seats that we weren’t ready for and then have people that are not Black that were moved out of those seats that say, ‘Look what an awful job they’re doing.’ It’s my hope that in all of this push for diversity that we are also providing the time and the training to make sure that we can do a great job.”

“A Jazzman’s Blues” is set to be released via Netflix on September 23rd.