Tyler, The Creator Calls Out A Critic After Winning A Grammy 9 Years Later

Watch the “New Magic Wand” rapper’s 2020 Grammy performance.

(AllHipHop News) Tyler, The Creator is putting his name in contention for being the pettiest celebrity on the internet. Following his Best Rap Album Grammy win for Igor, Tyler pulled up a 9-year-old tweet from a dedicated hater.

“[Don’t] b too excited. u [won’t] get [a Grammy]…..,” wrote a Twitter user under the name Mark Anthony [@iLLiPin0]. The tweet is from 2011.

In response, Tyler posted on Monday, “I FAVORITED THIS 9 YEARS AGO JUST FOR THE MOMENT TO TELL YOU I GOT ONE. YES IM PETTY AS F*CK, GOOD DAY MARK.” The Creator’s tweet has collected more than 180,000 retweets and 960,000 likes. 

Igor earned Tyler his first Grammy on Sunday night. The LP was also the rapper/producer’s first #1 on the Billboard 200. When Igor hit the pinnacle of the chart in 2019, Tyler stated, “Honestly [didn’t] think people would enjoy this album based on [a lot] of [things], so again, thank you, I mean it.”