Tyler, The Creator: “F*ck Boyce Watkins… He’s A B*tch” (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Tyler, The Creator is still upset with Dr. Boyce Watkins for his role in the Odd Future leader losing a partnership with Mountain Dew. In 2013, Tyler directed a series of commercials for the soda company, but the ads were pulled after Watkins and others complained the content was racist and misogynistic.

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Watkins referred to Tyler’s work as “arguably the most racist commercial in history.” The California native responded to the criticism by stating, “It’s a young black man who got out of the hood and made something of himself…  But instead of looking at the positivity from that, [Watkins is] trying to boycott Mountain Dew.” Ultimately, the PepsiCo brand decided to cut ties with Tyler.

Hot 97 recently uploaded an interview with Tyler, The Creator to the station’s YouTube page, and the subject of the commercial controversy was brought up. Tyler expressed his issues with Watkins not communicating directly with him, and he made it clear he refused to apologize for his creative work.

“I never apologized for that sh*t,” said Tyler. “What am I apologizing for? I did nothing wrong. N*ggas was like, ‘We should put out a statement.’ I’m not doing sh*t.”

Later during the discussion Tyler addressed Watkins. The “Deathcamp” rapper did not hold back his feelings about the author/social commentator.

“I’m not out here shooting n*ggas. It’s little kids that hang out where our store used to be. Every time I see them kids I say, ‘Don’t do drugs.’ I’m out here trying to tell kids, ‘Don’t f*ck up,'” Tyler added. “I’m out here not promoting f*cked up sh*t, and for someone like that to look pass all of that and point out some bullsh*t – f### that. F*ck Boyce Watkins. He’s a b*tch. His daughter’s a fan.”

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Watch Tyler, The Creator interview below.