Tyler The Creator Opens Up About Lyrics About His Father (Sort Of)


(AllHipHop News) Fans who follow Tyler, the Creator on Twitter knows very well what they’re getting their selves into. Whether the founder of Odd Future is bagging on angry singers or just tweeting ratchetness, Tyler has managed to have as much nonsense going on his Twitter timelines than controversy in his music. However, both topics seemed to collide today, after the rapper opened up about the lyrics in several of his songs pertaining to his father. When looking back on several songs from his previous projects like Wolf and Bastard, it’s very evident that the artist’s lack of time with his father had a huge influence on him. However, Tyler finally confirmed why he put the lyrics on his two albums in a way that only Tyler could do. According to Complex, Tyler tweeted his reasoning before soon deleting it moments later.

Tyler was also planning on releasing another project this year, but the rapper told fans that he may be going pop. However, he later stated that he was just joking, or was he?

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