U.K Grime Icon Jammer Plans To Take His “Top Producer” Show Worldwide

Legendary U.K Rapper and producer Jammer said, “just look out for ‘Top Producer’” as he plans to expand the brand around the world.

Jammer is taking the energy he created with his ground-breaking “Lord Of The Mics” on-beat grime clash franchise and combining it with his expertise as a producer.  

The result is his new series, “Top Producer,” now on its second episode. A show where aspiring producers go head-to-head in a series of tasks each episode.  

The Boy Better Know member spoke to Complex about his latest venture. During the interview, he explained he would like to see the series go worldwide.  

“There are producers all over the world,” Jammer told Complex. “We want to make a platform where we can celebrate producers in many different ways. I don’t want to expand too much on that yet, but you’ll find out shortly what that expansion looks like. Just look out for Top Producer. It’s going to be great. It’s educational, it’s entertaining, it’s fun, it’s jokes, and it’s going to grow around the world and it’s going to spread.”  

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Watch “Top Producer” Episode 2 ft. Cktrl Below 

Jammer On The Competitive Spirit Of U.K Grime vs. Drill

Jammer, founder of the grime clash battle series, “Lord Of The Mics,” also discussed whether U.K drill lacks the competitive spirit that exists at the core of the grime scene. 

“I feel like drill is competitive, to an extent,” he said. Jammer explored the differences between the U.K and U.S drill scene using Chicago as an example. “There are groups—even in American drill, you’ve got crews like O Block, and they’re kind of sending shots on tunes anyway. But obviously there’s a street element to that. The difference with grime, which I would love to bring into drill, is that we use our lyrics and entertainment as scoring rather than taking it on the street.” 

Furthermore, he would like to bring elements from his grime clash series to drill, channeling some of the aggressive energy into a more light-hearted outlet.  

“That was the great part about ‘Lord Of The Mics’—we learned to settle issues through words. I feel like that could be a great place for us to start dabbling and bring a lighter element to drill where people can take themselves a little bit less serious.” 

The Future of U.K Drill

However, the veteran rapper and producer wants to see growth in the scene. He believes emerging drill artists will attain commercial success in the industry, it just takes time and the correct approach.  

“We’re always meant to use music to grow, build a brand, start bringing out trainers, clothing, platforms, shows and all that. Everybody starts somewhere. When grime came out, there wasn’t a lot of things,” Jammer said. “But now you look at the scene and what it’s grown to and what Skepta’s done and how he has collaborations with Havana and Nike. And then you’ve got people like Kano and Stormzy doing their thing.” He concluded, “That’s what I wanna see more of: growth! That’s what we’re all about.” 

Meanwhile, Jammer flexed his skills on the mic alongside Carns Hill for his most recent drop, “Nasty.”

Jammer X Carns – Nasty