U.K. Rapper Loski Guilty Of Possessing Loaded Gun, Says He’s Facing At Least 14 Years Jail 

Harlem Spartans drill rapper Loski said he is facing a minimum of 14 years behind bars after being found guilty in his third trial.

Drill rapper Loski is facing more than a decade behind bars after he was guilty of possessing a loaded revolver. 

A jury found the South London rapper guilty of three counts – possessing a prohibited firearm, possessing a firearm when prohibited for five years, and possessing ammunition for a firearm when prohibited for five years, as per Evening Standard. The 23-year-old will be sentenced at Croydon Crown Court later today (Jan. 6). 

The charges stem from a 2019 incident where Loski, real name Jyrelle O’Connor, was stopped in an Uber. Cops were looking for him to question him in relation to the fatal stabbing of his friend in 2018.  

Loski took to Instagram on Thursday to share an update with his fans alongside a snippet of an upcoming song.  

“It’s minimum 14 if I get a guilty,” he raps on the track, apparently recorded the day before his conviction. “I’m waiting on my verdict right now and I’m tryna stay positive, deep down I’m feeling filthy.” 

“April 9th 2019 I caught a gun charge and I been fighting it for over 3 and a half years,” Lisko explained in the caption. “They say you rather get judged by 12 then carried by 6, I had 3 trials so I got judge by 36, unfortunately I got guilty for possession and I made this lil freestyle the day before my verdict, Happ New Year il be back soon.. ✌🏾  

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Cops Says Loski Is A High-Profile Member Of A Violent Gang

Loski is a member of Kennington, South London-based drill collective Harlem Spartans. However, Metropolitan Police claim he was also a high-profile member of a gang involved in “violent disputes” with other gangs. Detective Constable Snazell stated there was “no doubt” Loski or his associates would have used the firearm in the future. 

“[Loski] was an influential individual and had many followers on social media,” Snazell added. “No amount of fortune or fame justifies his serious criminal actions and I’m confident this will be reflected in the sentence that will be handed down by the judge.”