Ukrainian Defense Ministry Quotes Pusha T For The Second Time In Eight Months

Pusha T

Ukraine taunted Russia with rap lyrics, as Russia is bombarding the European nation with drone attacks.

If you think that Hip-Hop has not made a global impact, you might not be paying attention to international politics.

Recently, the IBTimes reported the Ukrainian Defense Ministry quoted one of rap music’s most respected lyricists, Pusha T, while talking about the nation’s ongoing war with Russia on Twitter.

The post read, “In My Ukraine, there’s no Russia Kalashnikov, don’t p### me off”. @PUSHA_T Total combat losses of the enemy from February 24, 2022, to May 30, 2023,” before displaying an infographic of Russia’s combat losses since the conflict started in February 2022.

This is also not the first time they quoted Pusha T, proving whoever is running the social media in that country is locked into the Virginia rapper’s catalog.

The “Trouble on My Mind” rapper has yet to comment on the second mention.

As Ukraine taunts Russia with rap lyrics, Russia is bombarding the European nation with another drone strike. Reports say the Russians are using Iranian-made Shahed weapons on the Ukrainians.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces stated that they were able to shoot down the majority of the drones, but a few were able to cause real damage, killing some of its citizens.