Ultimate Rap League Denies “Demonstrably False” Rumors Court Ordered URL To Settle Lawsuit  

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Ultimate Rap League rejects speculation a court directed them to settle their ongoing lawsuit, blasting the “FALSE ‘MEDIA’ REPORTS.” 

Ultimate Rap League has shot down rumors a judge urged them to settle their legal dispute with former talent scout Dagoberto Velez, otherwise known as Street Star Norbes.  

The response comes after blogs began speculating that URL were set to lose millions in the case that Norbes filed back in 2020. On Monday (October 9), URL rejected the “false” reports, sharing a letter from their lawyers clarifying the recent settlement allegations. 

Tititled: “URL’S RESPONSE TO THE FALSE ‘MEDIA’ REPORTS,” the letter begins by clarifying that URL have won their legal battles so far.  

“The trial court already ruled that this talent scout was not a partner of a URL,” the letter states. “A round one victory for URL. URL also won round two by knock out, as the appellant court also ruled that the talent scout was not a partner of URL, and not entitled to be treated as a partner.” 

The document also addresses speculation the court instructed URL to settle and explains that settlement conferences are a standard requirement. 

“Now, false rumors are being spread that URL was instructed by the Court to settle. This statement is demonstrably false,” attorney James Sammataro writes. “Instead, all parties were directed to participate in a settlement conference. This is an unremarkable requirement for every case.” 

The letter also alleges “blatantly false reports” “have ostensibly been leaked” and includes a transcript of the recent court hearing “to clarify what actually occurred.” 

URL Looks Forward To “Winning Ways”

Sammataro continued, noting “there was not a single word regarding money,” in the transcript.  

“Not one,” he concluded. “Any claim to the contrary is made- up. URL looks forward to its winning ways, and remains convinced that once the facts are heard, its victory will be complete.” 

Read the letter and the transcript below. 

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Back in 2020, Norbes filed an 80-page, $40 million lawsuit against URL, claiming he was one of the owners/partners.  

However, in December, the Supreme Court of the State of New York Appellate Division ruled Norbes is not a co-owner of the “world’s most respected battle rap league.” The ruling also said that URL never misrepresented Norbes’ role with the company. 

The decision also noted that “the only people referring to him as a “partner” were “third parties or by the plaintiff himself.”