Uncle Murda Says Lil Nas X Will Die Of AIDS On “Rap Up 2021”

Uncle Murda 2021 Rap Up

Uncle Murda does not hold his tongue on his version of the “Rap Up 2021” – which he says will be his last! Take a listen to the shocking song!

The year 2021 has come to a close, and as is custom, Uncle Murda dropped His version of the “Rap Up.”

Uncle Murda”s “Rap Up 2021” Clarkson at clocks in at 14:01 seconds. And, in an interesting twist, the rapper is utilizing technology this year.

His version dropped as an NFT which he said includes Rolex’s, a PS5, “BMF” and “Power” premier tickets, and millions of Shiba inu, the latest dog meme cryptocurrency.

But back to the music. The year 2021 was filled with ups and downs, and Uncle Murda did not miss much. For his version of wrap up 2021, Uncle Murda flipped the violins and Tony Toni toné’s classic “Anniversary.

The song starts off disrespectful – a signature of Uncle murders year end recaps.

This year, he goes in on Lil Nas X in the opening lines, and shockingly predicts the young rapper will end up with AIDS, like Eazy-E.

After a few lines wrapping about how short he was regarding Bill Cosby’s release, Uncle Murda straight up just Tyler the Creator for tossing other n##### salads.

Elsewhere in the song, Uncle Murda clowns Will Smith over his drama filled year with his wife Jada Pinkett Smith, and he gives props to the murderer of Alpo Martinez.

Uncle Murda also labels Trick Daddy a crackhead for saying Beyoncé can’t sing, had some particularly harsh lines for Freddie Gibbs and he claims the vaccine is a government hoax.

Uncle Murda labeled Dr. Dre’s ex-wife a greedy b****, and blamed her for causing super producer’s brain aneurysm.

Unfortunately, Uncle Murda ended the “2021 Rap Up” with disappointing news – this will be the last one he ever does.

Take a listen below: