UPDATE: Prince Reportedly Had Drug Overdose Days Before Death


(AllHipHop News) As news continues to emerge on the untimely passing of iconic singer Prince, details are emerging from TMZ that speculate his cause of death was related to opiate usage.

TMZ first reported a brief emergency landing in Moline, Illinois after Prince’s Atlanta, Georgia performance, but the reason for the health concern was unknown.

According to the entertainment news site he was found in an elevator where there were unsuccessful attempts to provide Prince with CPR.

While the flu was immediately speculated as the cause of death, TMZ obtained photos of Prince leaving a Walgreens pharmacy near his Minnesota home Wednesday around 7pm leading many to speculate that he knew his death was on the horizon.

Several other gossip sites have speculated that he was facing an undisclosed terminal disease.

It is said that Prince had begun work on a memoir that was approximately 50 pages long.

Sources close to Prince also confirmed that he had recently canceled several shows in Atlanta due to sickness.

Google has since  changed their logo to Prince’s signature color of purple and the NBA on TNT has decked out their set in purple to honor Prince, playing his music at commercial breaks.

President Barak Obama even took time to honor the Hall of Fame singer and icon (see below).

More news as detail emerge.