UPDATE: Sources Says Lil Tjay “Doing Better” Debunking Paralyzed Rumors

Lil Tjay

Rapper Lil Tjay is apparently doing better after a shocking rumor hit the internet claiming the young rapper is paralyzed after being shot.

Rapper Lil Tjay’s shooting has left a ton of rumors drifting in the wind. 

Some say he was left paralyzed and brain dead after being shot seven times on Wednesday, June 22nd.

According to FOX3 reports, fans have taken to social media to talk about his injuries. In one tweet, one person predicted the artist was left “crippled.”

According to a fan tweet, a man named Dr. Raheem Smith said, “Lil Tjay will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. He got 5 of 7 shots in the chest area and 2 in the spine. He is not able to move his upper body. He also has only a 15% chance to survive the attack.”

The alleged medical professional nor the person reporting gave any statement from someone close to Tjay regarding his injuries, nor did they cite any hospital sources about the rapper’s trauma.

FOX3 attempted to debunk the rumor after speaking to a source close to Lil Tjay. The news outlet stated that their source said he was “out of surgery” and “appears to be doing better.”

This seems to dead the conversations about the severity of his injuries. Fans who heard the good news are happy now but also were upset about the miseducation.

“So once more for the new people waking. There is no paralysis affecting Lil Tjay. We have not received any information of his paralysis from close friends, doctors, or major news outlets (sic). You can’t believe everything you read on these bogus troll pages.”

“Nothing accurate verified that Lil tjay is crippled!!!,” said another outraged person. “If you all would read instead of making assumptions, you would already be aware of it. It’s for the clout and all fake pages. Stop believing everything you see!”

So far, Lil Tjay or his family has not made a statement about the rapper’s condition.