URL Reveals Murda Mook No Longer Part Of Drake Collab Event

Murda Mook

Murda Mook had to withdraw from the event after his initial two opponents failed to agree terms leaving him without enough time to prepare.

URL has announced that Murda Mook will no longer be battling on the upcoming SMACK/URL X OVO event, “Til Death Do Us Part.”  

Drake hand-selected the card which he revealed by dropping a trailer on Instagram at the weekend. 


The line-up is stacked with “dream matches” and the pairing of Battle Rap Mount Rushmore candidate Murda Mook with Philly’s Eazy the Block Captain was one of the most highly anticipated.  

The Ultimate Rap League issued a statement explaining, “Despite exhaustive efforts by the URL, Drake and Mook to bring the God-tier emcee to the stage once more in 2021, the stars did not line up.” 

The statement continued noting that Harlem legend Mook “did everything in his power to rise to the occasion for his fans, but during the negotiation for the battle, several mishaps transpired in securing him a viable opponent.” 

They revealed that Mook’s original opponent “reneged on his verbal agreement” and that although “rising star” Eazy “stepped up to the challenge, all parties in good conscience could not go forward.” 

URL assured fans of their commitment to giving “the culture the very best.” All of the battlers must be given the opportunity to be at their best to perform on a card of such “high calibre.”   

The statement concluded by affirming the URL’s commitment to “preserving the integrity of the sport.”  

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The Dot Mob founding member took to his IG to give a different spin on the situation, baring his heart out to the fans about why he will not be on the card.

I understand fans aren’t wired to care about the behind the scenes pain and hard work. The day in and day out. The hopeless efforts at perfecting our craft to create BRAND NEW material for you all. Material that we have no way at certainty to know if it will carry over well or not. I understand that “perfection” may be a lot of gold at the end of a rainbow but nevertheless I ALWAYS strive and push myself beyond my prior constraints for, if nothing else, constant evolution of THIS CULTURE! . …I had TWO entire meticulously crafted round already written for someone who agreed to This battle some time BEFORE ME AND REED! Smh! I’m not sure what caused the sudden change of heart nor do I care to know! I found out literally 3 days ago that this happened! I attempted to “thug it out” for my fans by agreeing to a battle with @eazyblockcapt1 because I didn’t want to disappoint (Fans and Hecklers lol). The same day you all saw the trailer is the same day I was made aware My previous opponent backed out. As much as my warrior instinct is the reason for my success. It also can be a hinderance. So with a day to think I came to the conclusion that 2 and a half weeks to recalibrate was just too short time. with all that said, I HOPE WHAT I DO FOR THIS CULTURE WILL SOMEDAY BE TOLD BY THOSE WHO TRULY KNOW!!!!!!!! until then……… YOU KNOW IM ME RIGHT ????? 🤣😈😈😈😈 #FUCKTYPOS #FROMTHEHEART #THEBADGUY

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Following the revelation that Mook would not be battling Eazy, a host of top names put themselves forward as a potential replacement, despite the short notice. With only two and a half weeks to go, it may be too late to find an opponent for Eazy. However, one of those up for the challenge is Queens rapper, DNA.  

Eazy The Block Captain hopped on Instagram Live with DNA after the call-out and agreed to the match-up. However, the decision lies with Drake and SMACK/URL so fans will have to wait and see if it happens. 

Brizz Rawsteen, who was originally pegged to battle Mook, has not released a formal statement. He did, however, reply to URL on Twitter.

“Now Its 100K!.. #Darkside


He also retweeted a fan’s response to the cancelation, seemingly motivated from the fact that (legend or not) a lot of people don’t care to see Mook battle again.

In a recent video about the cancellation, blogger Vada Fly said that he spoke to the NC/Delaware rapper about the statement and revealed that he was not happy because he felt that the league “threw him under the bus.”

Fortunately, although Mook won’t be able to show out on the card, the event is packed with electrifying matchups and is being dubbed “the biggest ever battle rap card.” 

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Drake and the Harlem legend go way back, the Canadian rapper once hinted at stepping in the ring with Mook.