#URLALLSTARS Card Gets A Knock Out With The Super Fight

The Ultimate Rap League continues to push the envelope with outstanding programming, launching new rap stars in the ever expanding universe of battle rap.

The biggest sporting event of the weekend is supposed to be in Atlanta … but after Saturday’s Super Fight, many might contend that the location of the real “throwdown” was on the Caffeine app.

The Ultimate Rap League is on a roll. Already, the league that tags itself as the “Most Respected Emcee Battle Arena in the World” is well into this year’s programming. And with each card, they are setting the tone for 2021.

At first look, the Super Fight didn’t seem to be one of those cards. The match-ups seemed to be a really cute Rookie vs. Vets event — possibly set up to give some of these newer guys a look. But (first) looks can be deceiving and this contest proved to be a competition that was worth way more than the free watch fee that fans purchase.


Each battle was spicy. Poised in such a way, against the best Caffeine set to date (they figured it out), all of the competitors pushed their opps’ pens to the limit.

Danny Myers vs. Kid Chaos

California spit kicker Danny Myers dropped in from his parallel universe to make sense out of Kid Chaos. A galaxy of lyrical dexterity, Danny offered up a “Gentlemen’s 30,” proving that there are tricks that the vets know how to do that are only learned through experience. That said, Kid Chaos is the future of battle rap, creating universes with the stroke of his ballpoint. Once he learns to edit and consider writing to win, he will be not only dangerous but a potential icon.

Fans see it just like we do.

Openly Black & Proud says, “@urltv #SuperFight is off to a great start. Danny Myers just beat Kid Chaos, and Kid was damn good. I won’t call it a body, more like a Gentleman’s 30.”

Pioneer Battle Rap Influencer Drect Williams says, “Cant ever count Danny Myers out. one of the most consistent. Kid Chaos is the future … along with a few others”

But Black Compass Media’s Tony Bro nailed it on the head by tweeting, “Kid Chaos puts a lot of work into the setup bars before the punch. It’s a unique trait but I’m not sure how effective that is long term. Unorthodox style and still has a high ceiling he just ran into a dope Danny Myers IMO.”

Rum Nitty vs. Holmzie da God

Rum Nitty, the battle rap’s Mayweather, faced the Ultimate Madness I champion, Holmzie da God. Few thought that the Loud boy was going to be able to hang with the league’s best puncher. But he did. Truly a preference battle, many edged Rum because he is simply an alien who never takes a day off. Holmzie should feel validated as hundreds of fans gave him the “W.” The new class talked a lot tough sh*t and realized quickly that the bigger stages are not as easy as they look from the PGs. We gave the battle to Rum, another Gentlemen’s 30 but would not be shocked with 2-1.

Mike aka IamHBY noted, “For the 2nd battle of @urltv’s #SuperFight, Rum Nitty vs. Holmzie Da God, I gave that to Nitty 3-0, no body. Holmzie had some creative approaches to angles and solid punches, but Nitty’s punches were more powerful. Good battle with a lot of replay value though.”



Shotgun Suge vs. B Dot

Going into this battle, many did not have Shotgun Suge as having an ice cube’s chance in hell against B Dot. But that is exactly what makes Suge so dangerous. Yes, he is a bully and leans on that a lot in battles. Yes, he is no lyrical miracle, metaphorically metastasizing the man in front of him with meteoric rhetoric. Yes, he is a gang banger from Newark, whose “Whatcha Life Like” is just as famous as his signature pocket check (that he did not do in this battle). But he also can rap. He rapped enough to make this battle the first real debatable of the night.

B Dot came to win and everything about the way he wove his words together was masterful. It was simply memorizing to listen to his craftsmanship. Like the ancestors building the pyramids, the blood, sweat, and tears of effort meeting with divine talent were simply undeniable. Which is why it was chest shuttering that Suge was able to blur his win.

This is a classic and tied for battle of the night, sealing a solid victory for not just the card but the brand. 2-1 either way, AHH edges the battle to Suge (his last round was just too hard and battle rap is more than being a gifted writer).

“Yoooooo that B dot & shotgun battle was Legendary Suge turned up dot got it but she at that lvl is scary fam #Legendaryrapbattle @BDotTheGod @RealShotgunSuge” tweeted Dr jewelz B petty the 3rd.

KageinDaBasement said what we all were thinking, “@RealShotgunSuge vs @BDotTheGod This was a dog fight way closer than I expected Shotgun Suge vs B Dot URL Super Fights …. #shorts https://youtu.be/jBriByWyUlE via  @YouTube.”

yerr tweeted, “them b dot and shotgun Suge first round votes were neck and neck. They changed sides like 6 times no b#######”

Mike P vs. Real Sikh

The final battle of the night was between Mike P and Real Sikh was the other tie for battle of the night.

The back and forth was much anticipated as it was Mike P’s return after a very complicated 2020. His promo leading up to the battle was A1, as he mocked the newcomer Real Sikh, imitating the Jersey native’s love for Hip-Hop culture. While it seemed that Pulice was all fun and games, he did not come to play with Sikh. He couldn’t. The Punjabi’s love for the culture is too great and his skillset is too stellar.

Outside of his muscular physique, Sikh is a quiet intensity that makes you believe the “religious warrior” talk that he be rapping about. His confidence made the “vet talk” that MP was reciting less believable. What we did appreciate is the NY-to-FL transplant’s ability to bounce back from his Bill battle with a level of vibrato that he had going into his Ryda thingamajig last summer.

Mike P dropped jewels and gave a strong performance, but in this really a preference battle.

Sikh’s passion for the sport, setting the tone on his identity (as an Indian and Rap music lover, despite the teasing his opponent was doing), and lyrical ability made it waaayyyyy closer than what the more established battler may have wanted.


It was a great battle with extreme replay value and probably for many the first wins for a rookie out of the whole night. We call it 2-1 debatable with an edge to Real Sikh.

Almighty_Sun_Ra said, “Mike P vs Real Sikh was dope! Real Sikh got a new fan over here.”

“REAL SIKH 2-1 OVER MIKE P CURRENT BATTLE OF THE YEAR SO FAR,” tweeted Tim Saunders (2020 Version of 2010 B.o.B)


The Super Fight was an excellent exhibition of competitive emceeing. If you missed it, all four battles will drop soon on the URL App. It is worth the $7.99 a month to watch this show. Not only yawn … we promise.