Don’t Believe The Hype; URL’s “Super Fight IV” Was Fire and Had A Gang of Classics

While social media claims that the card was lackluster, battle after battle the rappers seemed to soar with some of the craziest rhymes of the year.

For Smack’s birthday, the Ultimate Rap League gave the culture a gift with this weekend’s “Super Fight IV.”

With five battles starring some of the culture’s biggest stars, the most respected platform in the world decorated Saturday with four potential classics and one clear loss (despite what the votes said). Fans were locked in causing #Superfight to trend over Lauren Boebert (a politician who went viral after calling the Delta variant a “Fauci Ouchie” and UFC Vegas 31.

Check out the battles below and Twitter’s response. While many believe that the card did not have the punch or wow factor as other card’s put on by the largest English-speaking battle rap league in the world, others beg to differ.


The first battle of the night was between Kid Chaos and Chess. The South Carolinian wordsmith went bar-for-bar with the Bronx-born lyrical miracle.  The two started the event off with a bang feeding fans with wordplay, intricate schemes and some of the best rapping heard this year.  

“Kid Chaos vs Chess was battle of the night”

“Chess vs Kid Chaos was fire but I gave it to Chess 2-1”

“Kid Chaos Vs. Chess Might Have Been The Best Battle…”

Many are saying that this classic performance was “battle of the night” and giving the win to the Cake Lyfe king, Chess. 


This battle came out of nowhere. It was not a grudge match (the two are actually friends). The styles of both emcees, Harlem’s Head Ice and Norfolk’s Ave, are drastically different. Still, the way each one of them put their respective rounds together gave the culture a battle that transcended generations and eras. 

“@Headice vs @Sharkcity_Ave was the Battle of the night and Head Ice was the Battler of the night #URLTV #SUPERFIGHT”

“Can’t believe Head Ice 30 Ave”

“Bro no lie… Head Ice shocked me my n#### I thought Ave was gonna wash Ice”

This was Head Ice’s first time on URL in years and his caffeine debut. The URL fans were so excited to have him and now they know why The Wolf is considered one of the best to do it.


This battle between Big Jersey aka Arsonal and the new jack, Real Sikh, had a friendly contest introducing the next star of the Garden State. The history between the two is long, and for the Punjabi this was a Rites of Passage, battling a prepared Arsonal, it was a dream come true. Yep … another classic.

“Real Sikh is better with words than Arsonal, but Ars has all the other elements of battle rap down pat.”

“Arsonal with the gentleman’s 30 . Sik was fighting but it wasn’t enough. I knew when he lost the coin flip he had a uphill battle #superfight #url”

“Get my mans sikh into top 5 COTY conversations”

“Arsonal 2-1 he showed why he been all over the world doin this s###..Real Sikh can rap tho #SUPERFIGHT”

“Arsonal vs Real Sikh had battle of the night. Clearly!!#SUPERFIGHT”

“So is that 2 events in a row where Real Sikh had the clearest win?”


This grudge match has been in the making for over three years. Swamp has alleged that T-Top has not represented The Carolinas as he has ascended to some of the highest heights of battle rap culture. Shouting this for the better part of his career, this battle with The Bear is one that he wanted … he wanted badly … he almost begged for it.  

“Swamp vs T-Top Recap: R1: Top – Weakest rnd. Swamp slight choke. R2: Top was SURGICAL! Swamp was choked but saved it and choked again at the end R3: T-Top is brought it home and got crazy. Swamp needed that first! Top had the momentum crazy T-Top 30 #SuperFight4”

“For Swamp vs. T-Top from @urltv’s #SuperFight, I gave that to T-Top 2-1 in the 2nd and 3rd. I thought Swamp’s content was better in the 1st even with the stumble, T-Top clearly got the 2nd, and I edged T-Top with the 3rd as far as angles go. It was an OK battle.”

And unfortunately, standing in front of Top was too much for him, causing him to stumble and stutter over rhymes he had at least 36 months to prepare for. Top on the other hand was prepared. While this was not the best Top, he executed like a vet and showed why he is the King of the Carolinas, and his opponent wants his spot.

The Caffeine voters said that Swamp won … but they got it wrong. He choked all throughout the battle. NOPE. NOPE. NOPE.


In another grudge match, Hollow da Don and Rum Nitty anchored the card. The God-Tier emcee from Queens returned to URL to bless the Caffeine audience and they pair him with the URLien from Arizona.

“For Hollow Da Don vs. Rum Nitty from @urltv‘s #SuperFight, I gave that to Hollow 2-1 in the 1st and 2nd. Nitty’s 3rd was his best round, Hollow’s 2nd went crazy, and I gave Hollow the 1st clearly. Great back and forth battle though.”

“Yep…I’ve watched it twice already, and you gage crowd reaction, Nitty 2-1 clearly. But if you pay attention to what they were actually rapping about, 2-1 Hollow clearly”

It would seem that Rum would be exhausted after winning the UM3 competition at NOME XI. But he performed with high energy. Hollow’s first two rounds were so impressive, despite the crowd not responding. #TheNerveOfThem.

The “Super Fight IV” was a really good event. It showed all of the various levels in the field. It showcased legends, introduced new champions, and for the most part embodied the momentum of a much larger card.