Usher Reportedly Does Not Have Herpes, Said To Be Preparing To Sue Accusers


(AllHipHop News) It appears Usher Raymond is ready to push back against accusations and lawsuits claiming he knowingly spread genital herpes.

The R&B vocalist is supposedly set to take his own legal route by suing the individuals alleging he exposed them to the sexually transmitted disease. reports that Usher is not even infected with herpes.

This supposed revelation follows celebrity attorney Lisa Bloom holding a press conference with Quantasia Sharpton, one of Raymond’s three accusers.

Sharpton (aka Angel Valentino) admitted she does not have herpes and even conceded she does not have any evidence that Usher has the virus either.

As the story of Usher’s alleged herpes-exposed sexual partners grew, outlets began looking into Sharpton’s background.

A week before filing her suit, Sharpton (as Valentino) posted on Facebook, “I need some money.”

Then on the morning of the press conference, she wrote, “Enjoying my last couple of hours as a regular girl.”

According to Fameolous, Sharpton has supposedly lied about being in a relationship with singer August Alsina and actor Keith Powers in the past.

“[Alsina] was her first victim but the media didn’t pick it up. She told [people] she was pregnant by him for awhile. She told [people] [she] worked at Def Jam and met him there. All lies,” posted the gossip Instagram account.

Fameolous also posted, “I wonder if [Powers] knows that he’s been in a relationship for a year with the girl who is lying on [Usher] for a year.”

The original articles from Radar Online (about Usher settling a $1 million herpes related lawsuit in 2012) and TMZ (about Usher facing a $20 million lawsuit from another woman) have not held up well to further scrutiny.

Fact-checking website Snopes listed the Radar Online and TMZ reports as “unproven” due to neither outlet providing sufficient proof either lawsuit was actually filed.

The site determined:

We were also unable to find any civil lawsuit of this kind involving Usher…

We contacted Radar Online and asked them to provide the case number of the lawsuit against Usher, which their article claims was settled with a $1.1 million payment in December 2012. We did not receive any response…

According to TMZ’s first article, the woman’s lawsuit claims that she and Usher had sex in Atlanta, Georgia and New Orleans, Louisiana. We could not find any relevant lawsuit in the database of the Fulton County, Georgia Superior Court, and no one from the Orleans Parish Civil District Court was able to find any such lawsuit relating to New Orleans…

And despite our best efforts, we have not heard Usher’s side of the story; we are, therefore, unable to say whether or not the claims published by Radar Online and TMZ are true.

Usher is said to be “quietly” building a defamation case against the accusers and their lawyers.

The 8-time Grammy winner has not publicly addressed the allegations.

@augustalsina was her first victim but the media didn’t pick it up. She told ppl she was pregnant by him for awhile. She told ppl worked at DefJam and met him there. All lies. She also made this Facebook post today????See previous post

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I wonder if @keithpowers knows that he’s been in a relationship for a year with the girl who is lying on @usher for a year. ??‍♀️ Need I say more ? ?

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When she caught up she claims she’s joking like the time she sent Balleralert her “sex experience” with @augustalsina ?She got caught & said she was joking but check out how she lied about working at Def Jam???I’m done . Next story

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