USHER Gives His Thoughts On New Crop Of R&B Artists


Usher expressed his enthusiasm for the current generation of R&B artists, lauding figures such as SZA, Victoria Monét, and H.E.R.

USHER shared his thoughts on the new generation of R&B artists, including SZA, Victoria Monét, H.E.R. Coco Jones and Brent Faiyaz.

“I’m very happy that there’s a new installation of R&B artists who care to be authentic to what they are creating, inspired by artists of the past,” USHER told Billboard. “Everybody who has ever said to me that R&B is dead sounds crazy. Especially when I know the origins of R&B are in all other genres of music.”

On February 9, the performer released his first album since 2016, titled Coming Home. 

Two days later, USHER took to the stage at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas to headline the Super Bowl Halftime Show accompanied by special guests Alicia Keys, Lil Jon and Ludacris.

Elsewhere in the interview, USHER has revealed what he has learned during his 30-year career. The singer-songwriter reflected on what he has taken away from his three-decade career in music.

“I really do enjoy what I do,” USHER explained. “And I don’t take kindly to the fact that people at times have doubted it. But it has definitely been motivating for me to continue to push to be great. To make something that was great and surround myself with people who don’t just want to see what I saw or what they saw but are invested in what’s happening currently and in the future.”