Utah A.G. Calls On Hip-Hop & Country Fans To Unite The Country

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has called on Country music and Hip-Hop fans unite to heal the growing racial divide in the United States.

(AllHipHop News) Songs speak to us in ways that sometimes regular words and massive speeches cannot.

Music affirms what the British writer William Congreve wrote in his 1697 classic book, “The Mourning Bride,” “hath charms to soothe a savage breast.”

Take DJ D-Nice’s Instagram sets at his virtual club Club Quarantine … no one is mad up in there!

Think about when you listen to Lauryn Hill, it does not matter how late she is to her concert, once she opens her mouth with a “Strumming my pain…” you forget about it.

And alas, Sean Reyes, the Attorney General top lawyer in Utah believed that if he used music — combining Hip-Hop and Country— he will be able to calm the bustling crowds of social unrest in the country.

But perhaps he needs to listen to a few rap songs to help him with this plan.

“I think we thought that if we could get country music fans and rap fans together, somehow, that we could solve all the problems that we have in our nation,” Attorney General Reyes said in a video that has now gone viral.

“When I wasn’t working on the farm, I went back to school in downtown LA — and Eric knows that I was a rapper — so he asked me, is it OK if I break out some rap before we have the most amazing country singer?”

Then he dropped some crazy bars that even liken him to Muhammad Ali! Check out this amazing “getting-jiggy-with-it” type flow: