Vampires After Rappers In New HBO Series “Thirst”

HBO is developing new series centered around a group of vampires who target rappers in Atlanta.

(AllHipHop News) A new Hip-Hop horror series is set to terrify fans when it premieres on HBO.

Leah Benavides Rodriguez and Carlito Rodriguez’s Hip-Hop vampire drama has been picked up by HBO.

Titled, “Thirst,” the series will follow an Atlanta rapper’s journey to success. The key to his ascension is his proximity to a popping rap group in the area.

He is hyped when they invite him into the fold — but he has no clue that they are a family of vampires I’ve been sucking the life out of their victims for centuries.

Derived from Kevin Jordan’s original idea, “Thirst” is poised to push the barriers of what is acceptable content for those in the Hip-Hop space.

“Music has been integral to both our lives, and ‘Thirst’ is the perfect opportunity to blend genres, while exploring the intersection of fame, culture and what it means to be American,” Benavides Rodriguez and Carlito Rodriguez told Variety about their project. “We’re excited to bring it to life with Macro Television Studios and the rest of our dope team, and thrilled it has found its home at HBO.”

Benavides Rodriguez and Rodriguez will not only be writers, but will serve as executive producers and showrunners.

HBO has yet to reveal the air dates for “Thirst.”