Vic Mensa Discusses ‘The Autobiography’ Album, Addiction, Depression & More (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Four years after his breakout project Innanetape hit the internet, Vic Mensa’s debut studio album is now in stores and on streaming sites.

The Autobiography is Mensa’s 12 track audio memoir covering thoughts on the dark and bright moments from the Chicago native’s life.

“There were certain things I was able to tap into on this album that I had never really been able to vocalize, certain thought processes and emotions that I had never really been able to translate through words,” Mensa told Rolling Stone.

Vic’s 2016 track “There’s Alot Going On” was extremely personal, and his new LP follows suit by further pushing private issues out into the open.

“Anybody who’s dealt with addiction and depression knows that sometimes they can make you forget who you are and kind of bring out a different person, somebody you don’t know as well,” said Mensa in the RS profile. “I just wanted to make music that really spoke to the true me, me as a 12-year-old kid falling in love with Hip Hop.”

The Roc Nation artist also gave a video interview to Ebro Darden of Beats 1.

“I’m really proud of what I put together, and I haven’t really been thinking about whether I’m being appreciated or what other people are thinking about me. I ain’t even caught up in that mental process. I’m here to do what I’m doing,” Mensa told Darden.

He continued, “When all the phones turn off, Twitter ain’t a thing no more, and there’s a new app, new social media, or new meme – years from now when those words don’t matter to us – I know that what I’ve created right now is something that I can be proud of and I can say this is who I am.”