Vic Mensa Pens Essay About The Election Of Donald Trump As President


(AllHipHop News) It has been a week since the world found out Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Many Hip Hop stars supported Trump’s opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. One of those rappers is Vic Mensa.

The Chicago native penned an essay about Trump’s victory for Billboard magazine.

Mensa wrote in part:

My fight doesn’t end here no matter the outcome. I could have felt a bit more comfortable but a felt sense of security had Hillary won, because the things that I’ve been talking about this year and going hard on are the same. Those things have not changed. They’ve just manifested themselves in slavery, Jim Crow Laws, segregation and mass incarceration. Even the conversations people have about mass incarceration don’t get to the issue. They always talk about nonviolent crimes. They don’t even get the issue and how different this nation treats its prison system. It’s not just nonviolent offenders that need to be re-evaluated. It’s the entire motherf-cking system…

This is not the first time in American history where poor people have been led to believe they’re white and have also been led to believe that their problems are the result of Mexicans, Muslims and black people. It’s just a scapegoat technique to keep them confused and keep them from looking at their real enemies, who really propagate their state of disenfranchisement and major corporations like the president-elect. They’re just pawns in a bigger capitalist and imperialist game. Until we can regroup and re-identify the real issues in our society — which I think Bernie Sanders started to get people focused on – we’re gonna have all of this pointless fighting in this country that’s not taking us anywhere positive.

To read Vic Mensa’s full essay visit here.