Vic Mensa Takes Fans Behind The Scenes For “Shelter” Video Featuring Wyclef Jean & Chance The Rapper

Vic Mensa

The three artists and the MV director discuss the collaborative effort in the latest edition of ‘Footnotes’.

Earlier this month, Roc Nation recording artist Vic Mensa reunited with his Chicago-raised comrade Chance The Rapper for the new single “Shelter.” Fugees member Wyclef Jean also starred in the track’s music video.

Vevo partnered with Mensa for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the Andre Muir-directed “Shelter” visuals. This latest installment of Footnotes revealed Mensa and Wyclef recorded a version of the song in 2016, but Vic did not like the verse on it at the time so it was never released.

“Wyclef is an artist who has always been a huge inspiration for me because his music is so emotive and honest, and that’s what this record is,” stated Mensa. Jean said, “Vic Mensa is a modern-day Wyclef, in the sense of not being afraid to tackle the hard issues.”

After a falling out and reconciliation, Vic Mensa and Chance The Rapper finally collaborated once again on “Shelter.” Chance expressed in Footnotes, “It’s always special when me and Vic get to create together. I think we pull out the best in each other.”

The collaboration is also a fundraiser for death row inmate Julius Jones. Mensa is supporting the Oklahoma resident who maintains he was wrongfully convicted of first-degree murder in 2002. “Shelter” is said to be inspired by an actual conversation between Jones and Mensa.  

There’s a real renaissance happening right now, where there is a focus on Black work, Black content, Black art and I feel like it’s a long time coming,” expressed Director Muir. 

Mensa added, “One of my favorite scenes from the video is in the intro when the little girls were playing Ring Around the Rosie with the burning building behind them. I think that imagery really captures the essence of the song because it’s speaking on how we play this game, living and dying, often oblivious to the world on fire around us.”