Vic Mensa’s Non-Profit Robbed Of $40,000 Worth Of Shoes

Vic Mensa

The rap star says he was set up after his non-profit was targeted in Chicago on New Year’s Eve.

Some low down dirty thieves victimized rapper Vic Mensa on New Year’s Eve, and the rap star is not happy about it.

According to Vic, burglars ransacked his non-profit foundation SaveMoneySaveLife and made off with all of the donated inventory.

“We were set up and someone brought a truck to our Southside Chicago location and cleaned us out of over $40,000 worth of brand new shoes,” Vic Mensa revealed in a heartbreaking Instagram post.

Vic Mensa founded SaveMoneySaveLife in 2018 to help those in need in his hometown of Chicago.

According to Vic, the nonprofit has given out hundreds of thousands of pounds in food, over $50,000 worth of sneakers, and valuable PPE supplies since locked down to start it over the spread of the coronavirus in March of 2020.

But, that goodwill and his charitable efforts meant nothing to the cold-hearted thieves, who had no problem stealing items that were supposed to be for charitable purposes.

So far, no arrests have been made.

Vic is asking his fans to help SaveMoneySaveLife restock its inventory with new donations.