Diddy “Shot Me In The Face” Not Shyne, Says Victim Of 1999 Shooting – Claims RICO Charge Coming

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The latest Diddy lawsuit prompted a victim of the 1999 Club New York shooting to speak out, claiming she watched the mogul fire the weapon.  

A woman identifying herself as one of the three victims of the infamous 1999 New York City nightclub shooting involving Diddy, Jennifer Lopez, and Shyne has spoken out. 

Natania Eboné Griffin maintains that it was Diddy and not Shyne who shot her in the face and says the Hip-Hop mogul has been harassing her ever since.  


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Combs was arrested following the incident and faced multiple weapons charge. He also faced a charge for bribing his driver to claim that the guns were his own.  

While a witness at trial testified that she saw both Shyne and Diddy shoot their weapons, the Hip-Hop mogul was acquitted on all charges. Shyne was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison. 

In the latest sexual harassment lawsuit filed against Diddy, Lil Rod alleged the Bad Boy Records honcho demonstrated his power by showing off his guns and bragging about shooting people, per NBC News. Rod claims Diddy boasted about getting away with the 1999 shooting and letting Shyne take the fall. 

On Wednesday (February 28), Griffin, who goes by the username EbDaJewelsDroppa on TikTok, claimed Lil Rod’s allegations spurred her to speak out. 

Griffin Claims Diddy Set To Face RICO Charge Over Shooting

“I am the woman who [Diddy] shot in the face, “ she stated. “I got shot in my face with a 9mm hollow point bullet called a cop killer.”  

Griffin insisted her story has remained consistent throughout the years, “I watched him fire the gun. I’ve said it all this time.” She further claimed, “Everybody knew he did it,’ but alleged Diddy “paid off” the club staff to silence them.   

“Not only did he [shoot] me in the face, he also set off a course of harassment against me for the past 24 years,” Griffin said.  

She claims Diddy targeted her after she testified because “I was the only person to be victimised by him and then to successfully sue him and get paid.” 

Griffin also hinted that Diddy could face further legal action stemming from the shooting.  

“You see this RICO charge that’s about to come,” she added. “This conspiring and [shooting] up the club and ruining, or attempting to ruin my life. As God is my witness, I will not stop until you suffer every single iota of punishment.” 

She concluded, “Y’all ain’t seen or heard nothing yet. I’ve had my say. The best and the rest is yet to come.” Griffin is also working on a tell-all memoir and docu-series. 


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