Victims Of C-Murder Nightclub Shooting Go After His Rap Earnings


(AllHipHop News) A group of employees of a New Orleans nightclub are seeking to seize the earnings of a rap album C-Murder released while he’s behind bars.

Employees of Club Raggs filed a lawsuit against C-Murder earlier this week, seeking the earnings from his album Penitentiary Chances.

The record was released last year (2016) as the rapper, born Cory Miller, is serving a life sentence for the murder of a 16-year-old named Steve Thomas in 2002.

Before he was convicted of Thomas’ murder, C-Murder was also convicted of two counts of attempted second degree murder, for the incident at Club Raggs.

Prosecutors claim C-Murder tried to kill the bouncer at Club Raggs, when the bouncer tried to search him.

The two men argued briefly, and C-Murder attempted to fire a semi-automatic weapon at the club owner and a bouncer standing nearby.

The men escaped injuries, when the gun C-Murder was using jammed.

The victims of the incident believe C-Murder could have made as much as $150,000 off of the records and hope the earnings will pay off C-Murder’s unpaid civil judgments relating to the case.