Video Leaks Of Gunna Taking Plea Deal, Attests To “Personal Knowledge” Of YSL Criminal Activity 

Gunna - YSL

Gunna was freed from court on Wednesday, after taking an Alford Plea and acknowledging “personal knowledge”’ of YSL crimes.

Video has surfaced of Gunna in court taking his plea deal after the “Pushin P” rapper was freed from jail on Wednesday (Dec. 14). 

Hours after his release, a clip from inside the courtroom was shared on social media showing the Georgia native confessing his knowledge of certain crimes committed by YSL. The video shows the judge reading out the stipulations of the plea agreement during the hearing. She asks Gunna to “agree or acknowledge” that each statement is true.  

“YSL is a music label and a gang, and you have personal knowledge that members or associates have committed crimes in furtherance of the gang,” the judge states.  

“Yes, m’am,” Gunna replies.  

“You were present with [Young Thug] when hydrocodone, methamphetamines and a firearm were recovered. These items did not belong to you,” she explains.  

“Yes, ma’am,” Gunna replies.  

“I recognize, accept and deeply regret that my talent and music indirectly furthered YSL the gang to the detriment of my community,” the judge concludes.  

Again, Gunna replied, “Yes, ma’am.”  

Gunna Renounces YSL As A Gang In Plea Deal

As reported by, Gunna was released from Atlanta’s Fulton County Jail on Wednesday after making an Alford plea to one count of conspiracy to violate the RICO Act. He was given a five-year prison sentence. Click here to read his statement.

Gunna received credit for one year served while the rest of his sentence was suspended. He must fulfill 500 hours of community service and is forbidden to carry a gun during the term of his sentence. His suspended sentence could be revoked if he violates the terms of the plea agreement. 

He maintained his innocence and vowed not to testify against the other YSL members still on trial. 

However, according to WSB-TV Atlanta, “it is a condition of Gunna’s trial that he testifies if he is called, though he can claim the Fifth Amendment.”