Vin Rock & Kay Gee of Naughty By Nature Drops Project With Protégé Act Next

The new group is poised to perform its new song soon.

While fans won’t be getting a new Naughty by Nature album anytime soon, the 2/3’s of the group is still out and about making moves.

Last year, they shocked the world by rocking out a crazy tour that was both in person and in the WEB3 space. They showcased in their metaverse space the many new artists they’ve been working with.

Now, Vinnie “Vin Rock” Brown and KayGee Gist are connecting with the group Next for a new project, called “Next by Nature,” releasing a first single called, “That’s Me.”

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The group is no strangers to the Illtown Sluggaz!

KayGee produced several songs for Next, including their hits “Too Close” and “Wifey” on their first two albums.

The producer said, “Next is a group that I’ve always stayed in contact with personally.”

 “We always talked music, family and potentially doing a family tour of all the artists I’ve produced. The tour seemed to be impossible to do, so we decided maybe us doing a joint project will help ignite the family to come together,” he continued.

Adding, “And we are… igniting the idea, leading off with ‘That’s Me’. The sexy leading single was started by RL, with not only the lyrics but the track as well. I took RL’s great ideas and added my touch, to finish it up with the rest of the Next guys & Vin.”

RL from Next said it feels like “a coronation of sorts.”

He said, “The reverence I have for Naughty and all that they’ve accomplished has always been my goal for the NEXT brand. I can remember intently watching KayGee navigate the studio in awe. I dreamt that one day I’d be half way as capable.”

“Fast forward to now (which is long overdue) and I get emotional with the realization that I’m no longer sitting behind Kay at the boards… WE SIT SIDE BY SIDE. Even at my seasoned age I feel like a kid again whenever I’m surrounded by our big brothers. I only hope we continue to make them proud. Co-producing and writing a record with one of your idols AND getting to be on a record alongside legends… yep… That’s Me!” he concluded.

To celebrate this new collaboration, NEXT, Vin Rock and KayGee are set to perform on Saturday, March 25 at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ.

Vin & KayGee will be honoring the 30th Anniversary of “19 Naughty III.” Also at the show will be Amerie, AZ, and Funk Flex.

The full album is expected to drop later in the year.

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