Vince Staples Talks Music Needing To Be Commercial & Rappers As The New Rock Stars


(AllHipHop News) For well over a decade, the recording industry has been struggling to deal with he internet’s ability to make purchasing music nearly extinct. An entire generation of fans have grown up with the belief that they should never have to pay for tunes. One Millennial rap artist is not on board with the concept of “free-ninety-nine.”

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Not only does Vince Staples argue that music has monetary value, the California performer told that he does not have an issue with artists seeking commercial appeal.

“To me, music should always be commercial. It should always be something that’s purchased because it holds a value. Things that don’t have value are free. So, if music has a value, and we’re all fans of music, it should always be for sale,” said Staples. 

He added, “Going commercial isn’t a thing. It’s sad… an artist is trying to feed themselves off the music is considered them making a transition. That should always be what it is. But it’s viewed as, you know, music is just free and we’re supposed to just give out music at a high value at a fast rate.”

The Summertime ’06 album creator also stated the closest thing to a “rock star” in modern times are Hip Hop acts such as A$AP Rocky, Travis $cott, Kanye West, Tyler, the Creator, and Gucci Mane. He even makes the point that Hip Hop is the leading culture of today.

“You don’t see people walking around dressing like Jack White. That’s not real,” stated Staples. “So Hip Hop is a popular, dominant culture. But the fact that Hip Hop belongs to urban and typically Black people, it’s why we can’t just say that Hip Hop is the popular culture. But it is. There’s no way around it.”

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