Vivica A. Fox Challenges 50 Cent To On-Air Conversation About Their Sexual Past


(AllHipHop News) Last year, former couple 50 Cent and Vivica A. Fox began publicly feuding over comments each of them made about their sexual past.

Fox suggested 50 was gay on Watch What Happens Live.

Then the “I’m The Man” rapper claimed the Empire actress only made that comment because she used to perform anal oral sex on him.

The spat reignited overnight when 50 once again stated “I let her licked my ass” on a new episode of WHHL.

Fox responded with a lengthy message on Instagram.

Tell you what [50 Cent] since you keep on telling that lie!! I challenge you to let’s both go on [Watch What Happens Live] and we can put this to rest!! That NEVER happened and you know it QUEEN! But keep on telling them how u like it tho!! Let me know when u ready cause I am!! Part 2: Crazy how you 4got that u paid me to be in ya Video and went on the radio saying you did wrong by me! Boy oh boy when that VAULT opens up its gonna be good! I’ve got a great memory [50 Cent] AKA #CurtisFox

Man I had fun on that show, Leah Remini was cool. #EFFENVODKA #FRIGO #SMSAUDIO

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  1. Dang she sounds bitter; I don’t know the details, but brothers don’t let them females play with your back door. Only bad things can happen after that… Word…

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