Waka Flocka on Transgendered People: “You Are Who You Are When God Made You”


If there is anybody that you don’t want to talk to about transgendered people, Waka Flocka is definitely one of them. Yesterday, the 1017 Brick Squad rapper  stopped by the Breakfast Club on Power 105. One of the topics  talked about on the show touched on Caitlyn (formerly Bruce) Jenner. That’s when Flocka approached the question with this statement:

You are who you are when God made you not who you became after her did. That’s just how I feel. You’re rebuking God, Man. God ain’t put them feelings in you, that’s the devil playing tricks on your mind. That’s a test from God. If you can’t out-beat that one task and you believe that, then you believe that and your going down that way.”

Following up with his statement, Flocka finished by saying that what’s wrong with the world is that young males are afraid to be men, while young women are afraid to be a wife. Yep, these statements come from the guy that raps about slapping strippers on the booty. Check out the clip here.