Waka Flocka Flame Is Going To Run For President In 2016 (VIDEO)


Back in 2012, Waka Flocka Flame had announced that he wanted to run for President of the United States. Many brushed it off as a joke but the ATL native wants everyone to know how serious he is.

He sat down with Rolling Stone and talked about what the world would be like if he was president.

“The first thing I’ma do when I get in office is legalize marijuana,” Flocka told RS on 4/20.

The “Hard In The Paint” rapper, who declared DJ Whoo Kid as his running mate, said that if he was elected he would ban dogs from restaurants and ban people with a shoe size over 13 from walking in the street because he doesn’t want to see their feet taking up so much concrete. He also said that Hilary Clinton would be his only competition.

Watch the video below to hear Waka discuss women’s rights, education, congress and more.