Wakko The Kidd In Critical Condition After Getting Shot In Targeted Follow-Home Robbery

Wakko The Kidd

Wakko The Kidd is the latest victim of a crime wave gripping Los Angeles. The rapper was shot in a follow-home robbery and is in critical condition.

Aspiring rapper Wakko The Kidd is in critical condition after a home invasion in North Hollywood, California.

The LAPD revealed Wakko The Kidd and an associate with putting in work at a recording studio in Hollywood late Thursday night. The cops claim a group of men followed them from the recording studio to their home in North Hollywood.

When they went to exit their vehicle, Wakko and his friend were surrounded by a group of men in ski masks wielding guns.

According to the cops, Wakko The Kidd and an unidentified friend were shot multiple times.

First responders arrived on the scene and rushed both victims to a local hospital, where they underwent surgery. Wakko The Kid and his friend are in critical condition, according to Fox11.

The cops say Los Angeles is in the middle of a severe crime wave. The LAPD even formed a special task for what they labeled follow-home robberies.

The unit comprises about 20 detectives from the Robbery-Homicide departments. In 2021, there were more than 100 follow-home robberies.

“People are targeted because they’re driving a nice car or they have a nice watch on or a nice shopping bag or purse and things like that,” LAPD, Homicide Detective Freddy Arroyo told Fox11. “It’s unfortunate that’s where we’re at right now, but people are still being targeted for the items that they’re wearing or the jewelry that they wear.”

Wakko The Kidd’s flossing may have played a part in him being targeted. The rapper, who created the popular AirHeadz brand of cannabis, took to Instagram to post a flashy diamond necklace he had recently purchased.

Other follow-home robbery victims include Fashion Nova over CEO Richard Saghian. Although he emerged unharmed, a shootout killed one suspect and left four other people wounded.

Legendary music executive Clarence Avant Lost his wife Jacqueline in a similar shooting after a man named Aariel Maynor targeted the legendary executive and killed her in her own home.

Maynor was sentenced to 150 years to life in prison for the crime.