‘Matrimony!’ Couple Gets Engaged On Stage During Wale Concert

Did the proposal get Wale thinking about settling down?

Wale is starting to rethink being a bachelor, especially, after a couple got engaged during his Monday, Jan. 31 concert.

The D.C. rapper took to social media to share the news and his feelings about the proposal.

First, he posted a picture of the moment captured by zaypremestudios.

Then he tweeted, “Dawg somebody proposed to they girl at my show last night ON STAGE…and I haven’t stopped thinking bout it . The girl was SO happy shaking and cryin ..That level of love is so intimidating I never really grasped it.. to see it like that up close was amazing.”

The “Lotus Flower Bomb” artist said that he actually “was in on it.” Apparently, he prearranged for the guy to use his stage to get on bended knee and propose to his lady. After she said, “Yes,” the chart-topper performed his 2015 hit with R&B crooner Usher on the background, “Matrimony.”

This isn’t the first time that fans have heard about Wale being a little bit sappy (and afraid) over love.

In 2020, during his guest appearance of Jada Pinkett Smith’s Red Table he shared his love for women, but trepidation about getting seriously involved.

“I got famous young in D.C., and I’ve seen how women were acting around me. And I think it’s shaped how I viewed women moving forward,” he said about why it is hard for him to really settle down. “You’ve got to understand, you’re talking to a rapper. All I see is promiscuous behavior. All I see is, oh my man play for this team and his wife cheated on him for somebody…I’m seeing this first hand. Then I fell head over heels for somebody in this industry, I seen how vicious it can be and how gutted I was. I was never really the same.”

“In our industry, entertainment, everybody moves on so fast. We can’t even argue. Think about that. We argue, two days later, you in Greystone with a fourth-string running back,” he continued explaining why it is hard to trust women. “So when you talk about girls…any conflict, they’re gone. You can’t even reconcile. You’re just on to the next one.”

When asked to tell the world what he is looking for in a companion, he says, “I want a woman to show me what I want in a woman.”

He said he was looking for a friend and that loyalty and understanding are of premium importance to him.

“I am not a regular man, for better or worse,” he confessed. “My bad is bad and my good is amazing.”

He said, that but also confessed that he wanted to be in love. Monday night proved that the hopeless romantic does have a soft spot and is waiting for the right one to come along.