Wallo Pushes Back On Juicy J’s Concerns About Declining Rap Music Sales

Wallo Juicy J

The popular podcaster insists Hip-Hop controls the cool.

Juicy J has people in rap talking. The Three 6 Mafia artist recently called on the culture to come together to find ways to boost the rap genre’s record sales, which he claimed are down 40 percent. However, Wallo disagrees with the idea that Hip-Hop is failing at the moment. On Tuesday (October 10), the Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast host took to social media to offer a response.

“Let me say something to Juicy J: I don’t agree with you, you were wrong,” Wallo said. “When you birth something, everything that you birth is a part of you. It’s this thing that came from the struggles that took place in the ghettos of America. It’s a sound that’s called Hip-Hop. We control cool.

“Don’t do that, Juicy. Don’t be putting that type of information out… Is you adding these numbers up? Everything that we influence? What is we talking about? How could we ever be down when we came from nothing?”

The Philadelphia native went on to dispute Juicy J’s claims that rap acts have underdelivered when it comes to commercial success. He also advised the 48-year-old Chronicles of the Juice Man author not to fall for so-called propaganda.

Wallo warned, “Juicy, don’t let them finesse you with these categories… The [sales] numbers [are] still crazy. So for you to be saying that Juicy, that ain’t right… You know better than that. Do not let them separate us with this bs.”

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Juicy J delivered his original comments on social media earlier this week, saying, “Rap music is down 40 percent. Check the charts. Check the math. I don’t make the rules. What are we, as rappers, producers, composers, going to do about this s###? Because it’s down 40 percent this year. Check the charts. Do your research. This is a fact.

“What are we gonna do? We gotta figure some sh## out. We gotta sit down and talk. Let’s have a meeting, let’s meet up somewhere and have a big-ass f###ing meeting.”