Watch Tom Hanks’ Wife Rita Wilson Expertly Rap

Naughty By Nature and Rita Wilson

Tom Hanks’ wife and actress Rita Wilson rapped so well that it drew an instant reaction from a legendary rap group!

As the world celebrates Hip-Hop’s 50th Anniversary, wants to know what everyone’s favorite Hip-Hop moment is.

Our team linked up with Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks’ wife, on the red carpet and she let us know she is a die-hard Naughty by Nature fan. In fact, she spit a verse from their 1993 chart-topping hit, “Hip Hop Hooray.”

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After the gang posted it on the Instagram page, Vinnie “Vin Rock” Brown hopped in the comments and said, “❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ We love you Sista Rita!!!!! 💯💯💯💯.”

Other fans chimed in and said, “Chet gets it honestly 🤷🏽‍♀️” or “That explains Chet.”

More people gave up the props on how easily she rapped Vin Rock and Treach’s rhymes, in a unique way making it her own.

V Dot Scott celebrated by saying, “Come thru wit the barsssss Big Rita😂😂😂.”

Tap 919 had to confess, “Not a easy rhyme either 🔥🔥🔥.”

This not the first time that Wilson paid tribute to the East Orange Grammy Award winners, who made history in 1996 as the first rap group to win the honor of “Best Rap Album.” reported in 2020, she linked with the guys to do a remix of Hip Hop Hooray for charity. The proceeds benefited the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund to aid artists affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The guys rocked with Wilson because she was a true fan and did a playful rendition of it while recovering from COVID-19 herself.

She was familiar with the song because she performed it in the 2019 movie “Boy Genius,” and used it as a brain exercise to make sure she was sharp while battling the virus.

Later they collaborated.

Wilson, a world-class actress, compared the lyrics to one of the world’s most respected pens… Shakespeare.

She tweeted, “Hip Hop Hooray is like modern day Shakespeare. I originally learned the song for one of the most fun roles I ever played in the film Boy Genius. It took me a month to learn because it’s so complex and nuanced; it was like training for a marathon.”

As the year goes on, will continue to share Hip-Hop moments from some of your favorite stars.