Webbie Responds To Clowning Over Viral Crop-Top Photo Tribute To Pimp C


Webbie warned fans to “Quit playin’ on that internet,” after he was roasted for his photoshoot tribute to Pimp C.

Webbie’s recent tribute to the late Pimp C didn’t quite go to plan, with fans widely ridiculing him for his outfit.  

The Baton Rouge rapper took to Instagram on Saturday with a snap from a photoshoot. In the pic, Webbie dons a pair of black jeans, white sneakers, and a black fur coat with a matching fedora hat. However, some fans raised eyebrows at the sight of his exposed torso peeking out from what appears to be a crop top or rolled-up tank top, perhaps to show off his “Savage Life” tattoo.  

“COLD WORLD 🌎#movie OTW🎥.Izup👆🏽 R.I.P PIMP C 🙏💯,’ he penned in the caption. He also wrote “like father like son” and referred to himself as “Sweet Jones,” the late rapper’s nickname but with a “Jr.” added.  

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While Webbie may have been paying homage to Pimp C’s iconic style, which saw him regularly draped in fur coats and hats, not all of his fans got the memo. Some rushed to the comments section to get their jokes off, clowning the rapper’s fit.

“No shirt would had done the job‼️” wrote one while another asked, “Webbie you been gangsta all yo life and you pop up on my TL in a crop top?”

One commenter, a super fan, blamed the photographer: “Nahhh bro.. I got you in my top 5 of all time! You can’t do this to me.. I’m already arguing with 🥷’s that tell me you shouldn’t be there… as a photographer I wouldn’t have let you do this man.”

Webbie Responds

However, Webbie didn’t see the funny side and returned to Instagram a few hours later with a video. He told fans to stop clowning his fit and questioned why people don’t post his work in the community but shared the viral photoshoot.  

“I just wanna know why y’all don’t repost, double post s### when I tell the kids to stay in school and you can be whatever you wanna be. The positive things about life…’cause that’s what I represent,” Webbie declared. “Savage Life ’cause I done been through it all, ya heard?”

He also had a warning for those who trolled him over his outfit “Quit playin’. Quit playin’ on that internet before s### get crazy, man, for real,” he added, before lifting his shirt to reveal his “Savage Life” tattoo.  

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A day later, Webbie shared another image from the same Pimp C tribute shoot, but this time fully clothed. 

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