Wendy Williams And Kevin Hunter Divvy Up Valuable Assets After Divorce

The longtime couple are selling their houses, while Wendy must buy out the shares of the production company she started with her ex, Kevin.

(AllHipHop News) Wendy Williams is officially a single woman again, after her divorce from Kevin Hunter was reportedly finalized earlier this week.

The outspoken TV host, 55, filed for divorce last year after reports suggested Hunter’s longtime mistress, Sharina Hudson, had given birth to his baby while Williams was battling substance abuse issues in a sober home.

She later confessed in an interview with Andy Cohen she was aware of “a lot of things” about Hunter’s “double life” throughout their marriage, but added that his fathering of a child was “unforgivable.”

A judge in New Jersey signed off on the divorce on Tuesday, with the accompanying documents detailing how many of the former couple’s assets would be split.

Williams and Hunter will apparently split the money from the sale of their house in Livingston, New Jersey, while she keeps their house in Florida where her mother lives, and he keeps the proceeds from another house he sold in Morristown, New Jersey.

Despite Williams and Hunter being equal owners of their production company, he is said to be selling his share to the presenter.

This will make her the sole owner, but in order to have that title, she will have to pay him a lump sum and a severance package. Details of these payments have been kept confidential.

In addition, Williams will keep all of the former’s couple’s furniture, apart from one sculpture, while Hunter will reportedly be allowed to keep his Ferrari and Rolls-Royce cars.