Wendy Williams Blasts Her Brother For Fist Fighting At Their Mother’s Funeral

Wendy Williams and her brother are involved in a nasty, public feud over their behavior at their moms’ funeral!

Wendy Williams has blasted her brother after he accused her of missing their mother’s funeral.

The TV star addressed the issue after Tommy Williams claimed she skipped the service to spend time with Kevin Hunter, her ex-husband.

“Tommy, you know I was at mommy’s service and you know she looked beautiful in her casket,” Wendy said. “And you know that you fist fought a loving member of our family … half your age.

“You started a fight over an open casket with mother right there, and thank God we were at a civilized funeral home, and the men of the funeral home blocked so mommy wouldn’t fall out and there’d be a catastrophe. You should know better at 53.”

Shirley Williams, their mother, passed away last November and Wendy recalled specific details of her funeral as she hit back at her brother’s comments.

The talk show host also revealed that Kevin attended the funeral because he’d been invited to it.

Speaking on The Wendy Williams Show, she explained: “For all of you all who wonder why I said… I appreciate my ex-husband more than I can appreciate my brother, it’s because my ex-husband was invited to be there.”

Wendy subsequently denied that she’s poised to rekindle her romance with her ex-husband, but she did confirm that she went out to eat with Kevin and their 20-year-old son Kevin Jr after the service.

She shared: “I said to Kev, ‘Your dad is really something else. I don’t want to guide you or lead you into thinking that we’re (getting back together).

“We found it in our hearts not to forgive, but to move on in the name of the service. And, my son said yeah and that’s why we went out to eat after – the three of us.”