Westside Gunn Plans Debut LP On Shady Records

Westside Gunn continues with the onslaught of dope music.

(AllHipHop News) Months after dropping the critically acclaimed Pray for Paris, the Griselda member is back to remind you who is the hottest emcee out of New York,

Album after album, song after song and feature after feature, the Buffalo rapper Westside Gunn has shown his commitment to keeping Hip-Hop authentic and street by spitting some of the hardest rhymes this side of the millennium.

The year 2020 has already proven itself to be a monumental year for the rapper, as his hit album Pray for Paris was released with just months ago to critical acclaim.

Before fans could fully digest the delectable feast prepared for them on Paris, the lyrical titan is back with another offering … this time debuting on Shady Records, the house that Eminem and Paul Rosenberg build.

Entitled, Who Made The Sunshine, the full-length project is slated for an August 28th release.

For those familiar with his brand, his group, or if you are from upstate New York, the date may feel familiar.

That is the day that the Mayor of the city set aside to commemorate the second annual Westside Gunn day in Buffalo, NY.

The honor was to celebrate and honor the service that he has provided the community, one that has raised and supported him all his life.

Who Made The Sunshine will not feature art from high fashion and en trend designer, Virgil Abloh. Instead, the emcee has opted to use artwork designed by his daughter, WS POOTIE.

The rapper explains, “I live my life based on ART, everything is ART, sometimes you might understand it, sometimes you might not, sometimes you might not get the masterpiece until later on, but I knew it was a masterpiece the moment I made it”.

And it sure to be a masterpiece. With Griselda in his corner, Jay-Z’s Roc Nation at the help of his management and Slim Shady coaching as a label head, there is no accolade this project will not receive.