Westside Gunn Opening Buffalo Kids Art Gallery

Westside Gunn

The critically acclaimed rapper is taking his love for art and fashion in a new direction, with the opening of his own art gallery.

Westside Gunn is taking his love for fashion to a new level with his art gallery called Buffalo Kids.

The rapper, also known as “FlyGod,” is opening the boutique inside of Buffalo’s most popular mall, Walden Galleria.

“I’ve Always dreamt of my Flagship store and I worked so hard for this, even the mall said they never seen anything like this.. everything designed by myself and team, a place where celebrities will frequently fly in just to experience Buffalo Culture,” Westside Gunn revealed.


The Griselda boss revealed his art gallery will sell his Fashion Rebel streetwear brand, in addition to unreleased collaborations he created with some well-known designers.

The store will sell original art, magazines, kids’ clothes, and a new line of new arrow hats Westside Gunn designed himself.

“ppl will travel around the world to see this and I thank u in advance I’m so excited and grateful bc now u will see the brand how I always envisioned it I’ve been designing since 12yrs old and now I have a home for it All…,” Westside Gunn added.

An official date has yet to be revealed, but Buffalo Kids is slated to open its doors to the public next month, and will be located next to Starbucks and Footlocker.