Westside Gunn Pays Off Wrestler’s Debt

Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn reach into his deep pockets to help pay off a rising wreslter’s debt for wrestling school!

Many know that Westside Gunn is a huge wrestling fan— but do they know how deep his love goes for the sport?

Probably not.

But the news of him helping out an independent female wrestler pay off her debt at her wrestling college.

Alexis Littlefoot took to social media to send up a pseudo bat call.

“Only $500 left to pay off Wrestling school. And only 8 mystery tees and 17 sable tees left on the shop.”

She was selling things to pay her tuition to her wrestling training school and like Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, one of her favorite rappers dropped in on the 11th hour from the 4th rope with a win.

The Griselda member took to Twitter to share his financial support of Littlefoot and said, “Pay that school off right now, we got work to do (prayer hands) #4thRope).” While he gave only $500, it meant the world to her.

The African-American Kentucky slammer tweeted, “My OG, my big homie. it’s f###### Griselda. Thank you so much. #4thRope LETS GET THIS WORK IN!”

Alexis, aka Big Flexxer, is an influencer outside of the wrestling world and makes her money as a blogger and model.

She later tweeted, “Y’all I’m gonna go cry Gunn just paid my wrestling school balance. Never asked big homie for nothing. That’s true love and support right there. Omg.”

Hip-Hop to the rescue! Got to love it.