Wild N’ Out’s Charlie Clips Presents A Series Called “The Dojo”

Rapper/comedian Charlie Clips just launched his own new TV show “The Dojo.”

(AllHipHop News) Clearly, television production and programming are rubbing off on battle rapper and comedian, Charlie Clips as he relaunches his YouTube channel, Charlie Clips TV with his first series “The Dojo.”

The first episode is called “Good vs. Evil” featuring NWX (DNA & K Shine) vs. The Horsemen (Loso & A Ward).

It is almost as if this show, “The Dojo,” would work even if the national quarantine was not in effect. This clever way of presenting battles allows the viewers glimpses of the personalities of each artist. With “Good vs. Evil” (S1:1), you have Christian battle rappers Loso and Award from the group The Four Horsemen battling the founding members of NWX, DNA and K Shine.

Award and Loso’s lyrical tag team is impressive. The wordplay associated with these rhymes-spinners is nothing short than immaculate. Even their gags were clever— they do a “Flip the Switch” challenge that Jericho level triumphant.

However, NWX’s creativity outmatched the Jesus lovers. From the multiple pop-out locations, the thematic shifts and quick-paced edits, that created a story with their bars, they capitalized on their incomparable chemistry to create a music video for their round.

Charlie Clips has won with this. We hope the rest of the episodes is the same caliber. We will be gleefully watching to see what’s next.