Will Angie Martinez Finally Release The Full Version Of Her Famous 2Pac Interview?


(AllHipHop News) Angie Martinez wrote about her now-famous 1990’s era interview with Tupac Shakur in her best-selling memoir My Voice.

The question still remains if the legendary radio personality will ever let the world hear the full 2-hour audio from that conversation.

Martinez addressed the likeliness of that Q&A coming to light during an “Ask Me Anything” session on Reddit.

She responded:

Of course this is the first question. I really wish I had an answer for you. I was working on trying to get in touch with his mother before she passed to ask her if she had any ideas of what she would want to do with it, just out of respect and unfortunately, she passed and I just haven’t really figured out a plan of action, since then, but I do know that people really want to hear it. It is my intention, at some point, to put it out. I just want to make sure that it’s done in the best way, most respectful way possible.

The Pac interview has been kept in the vaults because Martinez felt it could have upset some of his rap peers.

At the time, the tension between West Coast and East Coast rappers was at a high, and Martinez did not want to add to the possible hostility involving Pac, The Notorious B.I.G., and others.

Martinez’s AMA also included a Reddit user asking the Power 105 host if she still had a cigarette pack she took from 2Pac during their interview.

The native New Yorker stated:

I totally do have it. It is in a storage box in my storage room. There’s like two cigarettes in it. And yeah, it’s weird, I find little things here and there. Like, I have Eazy-E’s business card that he gave me at an event once. I found that recently. And not even just in my career, like I literally have a pin that just says Champs, when I used to work at Champs. It’s like my employee pin. It says, Angie. I have that. So yeah, I’m not necessarily a packrat, but I do have four bins of like things that are pretty cool to have. Just like laminates from all the events and things like that. Yeah, a ton. I have a ton of stuff. I found you know those little cards that come with the flowers when you get flowers in the mail? I found a card from Damon Dash that said “Sorry – Damon Dash”, so I don’t know exactly what he was apologizing for, but it must of came with some flowers in a bottle or something. I just found that not too long ago, which was pretty cool.