Will Smith’s Outburst At Oscars Becomes Joke For Chris Rock’s Upcoming Netflix Special

Will Smith and Chris Rock

Chris Rock is reportedly focusing his upcoming Netflix special on Will Smith – and the “slap heard around the world.” Read more!

Comedian Chris Rock is known for his ability to turn controversial events into comedic gold. 

So it is no surprise that the funnyman plans to address the infamous altercation where Will Smith allegedly slapped him at the Oscars last year during an upcoming Netflix stand-up special, according to Page Six.

The incident in question reportedly occurred after Chris Rock made a joke about Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith’s hair at the event in March of 2022. 

Will Smith took offense to a joke in which Chris Rock labeled his wife “G.I. Jane.” He strolled up on the stage and brutally slapped him in response.

Since the assault, Will Smith apologized and spent several months out of the public eye. He ultimately returned to promote his movie “Emancipation” in December.

After the review, Academy officials revoked Will’s membership and banned him from attending the ceremony for 10 years.

Despite this, Chris Rock has found plenty of comedic material in the incident and is reportedly eager to share his humorous take on the situation with his fans.