Willie D From The Geto Boys Joins New Crypto And NFT Company

Willie D

Southern rap icon brings his almost decade-long cryptocurrency experience to a new executive role at Saitama.

Willie D, one of the founding members of the legendary group, Geto Boys, has announced that he is joining Saitama LLC to lead its crypto and NFT content team, with efforts to expand its footprint. He has also shared that he is launching a coin of his own.

The company will be naming him the President of NFT Curation and Talent Acquisition, promising him a whopping $50 Million with incentives and bonuses.

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The Southern rapper told AllHipHop.com exclusively, “The things that impress me most about the Saitama coin besides its meteoric rise in just a few months is the transparency and commitment of the dev team behind it and is its loyal community. With most crypto projects you never see the team, so you don’t know who you’re in bed with.”

“I think people will be impressed with all the stuff we have planned with our NFT partners, and the new wallet and exchange,” he continued in a statement.  “Then there’s the gaming platform. All of those features will be in one place on the Saitama website.”

In addition to the perks of joining a team that is technologically cutting edge and aiming to shift how NFT’s are understood in the culture, he is going to make some personal creative strives.

He shared, “I’m also launching my own coin on the platform. So I’m excited about the opportunity to use my experience in the crypto space to help take Saitama to the next level.”

This is not the first time that Willie has traversed into this space. He comes to the team with over 6 years of cryptocurrency experience, was an early investor in Dogecoin, and started invested in Bitcoin years ago. With this new role, he will be responsible for securing high-level partnerships with ballers in and outside of the entertainment sphere. He will also help them expand their NFT portfolio, bringing to it his business acumen and Hip-Hop savvy.

“Willie D is well respected in the entertainment industry,” Russel Armand, Chief Operating Officer of Saitama said about the new hire.  “[He] will bring a unique dynamic to Saitama and its vision.”

Willie D will attend the anticipated launch of Saitama’s mobile application, SaitaMask, next month at Hakkasan in Las Vegas, Nevada.