Wiz Khalifa Partners With Liquid Death To Promote Mountain Bong Water

“The idea came from a smoked-out team brainstorm.”

Pittsburgh-bred emcee Wiz Khalifa is one of the most well-known marijuana enthusiasts in the world. He even has his own popular weed strains, products, and concentrates called Khalifa Kush.

The “Black & Yellow” hitmaker is making more cannabis-connected business moves. Wiz Khalifa partnered with the Liquid Death water company to promote the brand’s Mountain Bong Water.

The Mountain Bong Water collaboration was inspired by Wiz Khalifa filming himself pouring Liquid Death into his own bong. That Instagram video served as the catalyst for a relationship between Khalifa and Liquid Death.

“I loved collaborating with the team on the video and seeing everything come to life,” says Wiz Khalifa. “The idea came from a smoked-out team brainstorm and something that’s true to my daily life! I only smoke the best weed from Khalifa Kush so it would only make sense to pair it with the best bong water from Liquid Death.”

A description for Mountain Bong Water on the Liquid Death website reads:

What makes Liquid Death Mountain Bong Water different from our original Mountain Water? Absolutely nothing. We literally just added the word “bong” to this page. You get the same great mountain water from the Alps with the same natural electrolytes in the same infinitely recyclable aluminum cans. But Wiz Khalifa likes putting it in his bong so we thought you might too. However, our lawyers say we should make clear that you should never buy a bong, think about a bong, write the word bong, say the word bong, or even draw a bong. In fact, close out of this page right now.