Wiz Khalifa To Star As Death In Apple TV+ Series “Dickinson”

The director of “Dickinson” explains why Pittsburg rap star was the perfect person to play Death himself.

(AllHipHop News) Wiz Khalifa is far more than just a rapper.

Now, he’s taking his acting endeavors to the next level by starring in a new series on Apple TV+ titled “Dickinson.”

EW reports that the Pittsburgh rapper will guest star as a representation of Death in their new show, which gives the viewers an inside look at a young Emily Dickinson weaved with music and contemporary dialogue.

Creator Alena Smith explained her realization of a grand dream for the series, stating, “We literally put Wiz Khalifa on our tone board as this would be the dream, like he’s the aesthetic we want Death to have and then somehow we magically got Wiz Khalifa, so that was incredible.”

The series not only comes with a modern-day twist, but hip-hop is also a huge ingredient in the score.

“I wanted Death to be the coolest guy in the world because Emily is in love with Death,” Smith explained. “Part of the story of the season is about her coming to a more realistic and mature understanding of Death, but where she begins is a kind of Goth worship of death. I just really wanted it to be someone that you would genuinely get excited to see.”

“Dickinson” premieres November 1 on Apple TV+.