Wizkid Fans Go On Rampage In The U.K. At The O2 Arena


Wizkid fans gave security at the O2 Arena the business on Sunday, after they stormed past security barriers on his “Made In Lagos” tour stop in the U.K.

On Sunday night, African singer Wizkid almost had a Travis Scott moment after fans recklessly stormed security barriers during the Made in Lagos Tour in London.

Luckily, the authorities at the O2 Arena swiftly handled the melee and prevented any significant injuries or deaths from happening.

However, they could not stop the videos from hitting the internet.

Represent London posted the chaos on its Twitter feed, captioning, “People are literally breaking in to see Wizkid at London o2.”

Another concertgoer posted, “People are breaking into the O2.”

Peeping down from a window above the breach, one person was baffled at why people were acting so pressed.

She wrote, “I’m so confused. Why are they going on like Wizkid has never performed in London before?”

There could be several reasons. According to the New York Post, it was the first time that singer and tour opener Chris Brown performed in the U.K. since his 2009 Rihanna fight.

Another reason could be COVID-related. After being confined in their homes for almost two years, people just want to get out.

Some believe people just wanted to get in for free as suggested by the NY Post.

According to the O2 Arena’s spokesperson, the breach of the security cordon happened at the entrance of the arena entrance. In a statement, the spokesperson told the BBC, “a number of fans in the queue were able to enter the venue” and that the surge “was quickly contained by staff and the incident resolved.”

The venue is now “reviewing security procedures for the remaining shows this week and advises fans to arrive early for security checks tomorrow night and again on Wednesday.”

Mr. Alize, who attended the concert, said he felt safe.

He posted a video of people moving orderly with the caption, “@wizkidayo United Africans and Caribbean’s in O2 and it was beautiful I felt so safe amongst all my brothers and sisters – JUST PEACE! NO PROBLEM #StarBoy.”