Women’s Rights Group Wants Rappers Eminem and Big Sean Arrested For Ann Coulter Rape Threats On “No Favors”


(AllHipHop News) An Ontario, Canada-based women’s rights group is speaking out against Big Sean and Eminem’s new song “No Favors.”

The song is taken from Big Sean’s recently released fourth album, I Decided.

While Sean has already released three previous singles “Bounce Back,” and “Moves,” it is his song with Eminem that has drawn the most attention, since being released.

“No Favors” showcases Eminem going after Donald Trump on the song, labeling the president of the United States an “b####,” while name checking a number of people in his verse including Jamie Lee Curtis, Aaron Hernandez, and NFL player Tom Brady.

But it was his lyrics about “urinating on Fergie” and raping conservative talk show host Ann Coulter with “a Klan poster/a lamp post/door handle and a damn bolt cutter/re drawing fresh criticism from the RINJ Foundation.

The Canadian organization is behind the “Rape is no Joke” campaign, which according to their website exists “for the benefit of the general public to prevent sexual violence and provide healthcare and justice to survivors of rape and other sexual assaults.”

The organization labeled both rappers as “America’s most popular and most vulgar heroes,” and said the rappers’ lyrics were indicative of how low America has sank, since the election of President Donald Trump.

“Saner minds need to prevail and shut this trash down,” the RINJ Foundation said in a statement released to a number of wire services.

“Perhaps retailers can organize, find some kind of social conscious and examine the violence and hatred of women that is being pumped into children’s ears,” the statement reads.

The organization then compared Eminem and Big Sean’s lyrics to a recent event involving the Islamic State in their brutalization of Yazidi Christian women.

The Islamic State man who gave the order to rape thousands of Yazidi and Christian women is as guilty or more so than those who did the violence,” said RINJ. “That is also true of American entertainers encouraging violence against women. Does American ‘rule of law’ only apply to “others” (hypocrisy) or will these criminals be arrested?

“When rappers like Eminem and Big Sean encourage the commission of felonious crimes, they themselves commit and indictable offense in the USA and could be arrested,” said the RINJ.

Over the weekend, Ann Coulter replied to the lyrics of “No Favors.”

Although she didn’t seem to have any plans to take the lyrics to the level of trying to charge Eminem with a crime, the RINJ felt that both artists should be brought to justice for their lyrics.

“For the crime of suggesting to millions of people that it is ‘okay’ to rape Ann Coulter or by their possible inference that it is ’okay’ to rape any woman you are angry with, Eminem and all parties to this crime should be arrested.”

“But you rape – rappers who live in America (which has a self-confessed v#####-grabbing misogynist as President and a Patriarchal legal system where many of the male judges and many attorneys behave the same way – know, one can commit violence against women, with impunity.”