Wu-Tang Clan Members Reveal What Happened To The Remix Of Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever"


(AllHipHop News) When Drake released his Nothing Was The Same track “Wu-Tang Forever” in 2013, the response was mixed. Supporters saw it as paying homage to one of the greatest Hip Hop groups of all time. Critics saw it is an unrepresentative remake of the Wu’s “It’s Yourz.”

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Regardless of fans’ reactions, reports began circulating that Wu-Tang Clan members were actually ready to jump on a remix of the song. That collaboration never saw the light of day. RZA spoke with MTV to explain what happened to Drake’s “Wu-Tang Forever (Remix)” featuring the Killa Bees.

“A few brothers got on it. Some got on it and said take my verse off,” says RZA. “We were in Europe on tour, so everybody’s chi, energy wasn’t 100% up to par.”

U-God added that the crew received the track at the last minute, and he only had about 6 hours to record his part. He also states the subject matter he wrote did not mesh with the topic Drake covered on “Wu-Tang Forever.”

“At the time I wasn’t feeling ‘womany.’ I was feeling hard as nails,” says U-God. “He was talking about something totally different.”

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Watch Wu-Tang’s interview below.

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